Custom stored procedures returning DataSet instead of TList in NetTiers – and how to change!

When we upgraded our Nettiers installation on an old website recently some of our custom stored procedures suddenly started to return a DataSet rather than a TList. This is understandable – the stored procs were complex and so Nettiers wouldn’t have been able to guarantee the return type. Probably the earlier version of Nettiers was wrong to trust us in the first place. However *we* knew that it would always return the correct thing, and there were far too many places in the code to go back and recode it all to cope with a Dataset.

It seemed tricky to find the answer so I’ve reposted it here from the original source (

Set the Codesmith template setting AllowCustomProcMultipleResults (under the CRUD -Advanced section) to True and then regenerate. This seems to tell Nettiers to just trust that you know what you are doing, and sets the return type to that of the entity in the provider.